Florida Georgia Line Vow To Support Restaurant Employees

This is awesome! 

Florida Georgia Line Vow To Support Restaurant Employees
Florida Georgia Line; Photo Credit: John Shearer

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line are following Dierks Bentley’s lead by supporting the employees of their Nashville bar, FGL House, as it closes down amid the coronavirus crisis. Earlier this week, Bentley committed to giving each of his 90 employees who work at his Whiskey Row bar $1,000 to help them during this time. In a video posted to Instagram, Florida Georgia Line called Bentley’s move “inspiring,” and vowed to give each of their 117 employees $1,000 as well.

“We very vividly remember what it’s like to be in the service industry, to be a server, to be a bartender, and to rely on tips to pay the bills,” says Tyler Hubbard in a video posted to social media. “We know everybody’s probably stressed out a little bit during this time, so we really hope that we can help you guys out.”

“We’re so grateful for everybody that helps make our restaurant run, every single person — barbacks, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, everybody,” adds Kelley.

Dierks Bentley made his announcement earlier this week with a note on social media that reads, “Feels like yesterday that it was me down there working for tips. I am going to immediately give each of our 90 hourly employees $1,000 to help in the short run as our community and country try to get a handle on the situation.”

“Lower Broadway is the heartbeat of Nashville,” he added. “Let’s make sure we help the folks that help make the music happen.”