The 2017 Eclipse at FGL House Becomes a Total ‘Sundaze’

FGL House hosted the perfect space to catch a glimpse of the atmospherically impressive phenomenon.

Written by Kelly Brickey
The 2017 Eclipse at FGL House Becomes a Total ‘Sundaze’

During the 2017 eclipse in Nashville, it was time for everyone to ‘Get Your Shine On’ as they raised a glass to the monumental astronomic event of the century.

Noted as one of the only rooftop bars in Music City to offer free admittance to their outdoor space, FGL House hosted the perfect space to catch a glimpse of the atmospherically impressive phenomenon. All ages, from young children to older couples, found their ideal spot to watch the eclipse take place over the length of more than three hours.

The totality of the eclipse was predicted to hit downtown Nashville around the 1:30 p.m. hour, in which folks could enjoy their favorite beverages and small snacks as they awaited the shadowed occasion. The more time went on, the more people packed in close to one another to snag a space to witness what would go down in history for many years.

FGL House even celebrated in style by offering their signature drink for the afternoon called the “Get Your Shine On,” which consisted of vodka, cucumber, yellow chartreuse, lime, cranberry bitters and soda. Although they served a full bar, it seemed to be the drink of the moment as many people were caught sipping slowly on their cocktails while awaiting the darkening.

Delta Rae joined the party, singing a few of their tracks to the obliging audience in the off-Broadway hangout. They stayed around after their quick set to take in the festivities along with the rest of the crowd on the Cruise Rooftop Bar.

With time ticking down and the sun sinking into a sliver of light, the moon finally made its move and caused the whole city to go black. Afternoon suddenly imitated a night out on the town during the Monday celebration, making each skyscraper light turn on in eerie solitude. Even the birds took cover for the tree branch homes, mistaking the midday cover as their chance to sleep.

Clouds may have overshadowed the eclipse for viewing purposes, but visitors still got the main gist of things as the essence of nighttime took over the reality we know simply as the afternoon sun.

A mere two minutes completed the totality of the 2017 eclipse, but it would mean a lifetime for some. One couple announced they had gotten engaged during the big event, and the woman showed off her diamonds as though it shined like the light from the sun peeking through. Marking a huge memory for all to tell their friends and family about in years to come, FGL House in Nashville created a lowkey party atmosphere that showed how we do it ‘Round Here.’

Because at FGL House, even the 2017 eclipse goes down as ‘Smooth’ as any country song one could choose from.