Florida Georgia Line Discusses Details About Potential FGL Boathouse

Florida Georgia Line hopes to get the ball rolling when it comes to creating their second restaurant and bar space, FGL Boat House.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Florida Georgia Line Discusses Details About Potential FGL Boathouse
Florida Georgia Line; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

After FGL House in Nashville became one of the hottest spots to hit up just off Broadway, Florida Georgia Line hinted at continuing within the restaurant and bar business by making plans for a boathouse premise down in Florida.

Nothing is set in stone at this moment in time, but the guys hope to honor Brian Kelley’s home state of Florida by creating the FGL Boat House similar to the vibe of FGL House. Although they didn’t divulge too many details about the look and design of the space, they plan to put their own visions into the blueprints and truly make it something they love.

“We’re really working hard to get that FGL plug and there’s a really cool vision. We’re trying to make it come to life and hopefully going to happen in Florida. It would be everything that we’ve done up here, but the Florida version and really just putting our details on every corner, every wall, and every window. Just making it ours and for us, anything like that like the boathouse, whiskey, FGL House, that all comes down to creating. We love creating,” Kelley said during an interview at a No. 1 party.

Emphasizing the authenticity behind their design process, FGL even mentioned something beyond just a place to eat a meal or grab a drink at the boat house. Guests may be able to plan huge events there, from personal parties to weddings, just to add a little more fun to the premise.

“We’re just real big on making everything our own, creating places that people can party, create memories, and you know, maybe even next door to that, you might be able to get married in the backyard,” Tyler Hubbard gushed. “You never can tell so we’ve got big plans. We’re trying to lock them down.”

FGL House, the duo’s first restaurant business, can be found in downtown Nashville and is open to all visitors.