Florida Georgia Line Are Chasing a ‘Fresh’ New Vision for Next Album

Being off the road has at least one perk!

Written by Chris Parton
Florida Georgia Line Are Chasing a ‘Fresh’ New Vision for Next Album
Florida Georgia Line performs for the 55TH ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS™. Hosted by Keith Urban, the 55TH ACM AWARDS™ will be broadcast Wednesday, Sept. 16 (live 8:00-11:00 PM ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on CBS All Access. Photo Credit: Brent Harrington/CBS

As one of the genre’s most successful duos, Florida Georgia Line are used to being busy — and that means squeezing in little things like recording a new album whenever and wherever they can. They’re normally cutting vocals on their bus or overdubbing between tour dates, and a little here and a little there all year long. But this year things are different.

With their upcoming fifth album on the way, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley have been blessed with a rare gift for a touring artist — enough time to get their feet under them. With shows shut down through the pandemic, the guys have been able to to focus 100 percent on record number five, and they seem to think fans will notice.

“We definitely picked a direction and had a really cool vision,” Kelley tells the duo’s record label, Big Machine Records. “But knowing that going into this project has been different for us in a sense, and a blast.”

The guys have already released the project’s first single — their tribute to nights you wish would last forever, “Long Live” — and predict the rest of the album will feel a little more “fresh” than usual. They’re not giving anything away, but it seems a fair bet that the guys have cooked up a few surprises in the studio.

“(It was) good to be settled here and knock it out this way.” said BK. “We’ve done it differently in the past where we’ve taken maybe eight to ten months-time to record, and knockin’ it out this quick, it was different. It was fresh and just some really cool energy in the studio, schemin’ up, tweakin’ songs and trying to make ‘em better, and I think we achieved that.”

Florida Georgia Line hasn’t announced a release date for their fifth album yet, but the grooving “Long Live” is out now. The duo also released their Six Pack EP this year, which included six new tracks and featured their most recent Number One, “I Love My Country.”