Florida Georgia Line Share Their Opinion on Streaming

Some of music’s biggest names have voiced their opinion on the pros & cons of streaming and now, Florida Georgia Line is sharing theirs.

Florida Georgia Line Share Their Opinion on Streaming
Photo Credit: Ryan Smith

Music streaming has been a hot button issue in the music industry in recent years especially since services such as Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music have become so popular. Some of music’s biggest names, such as Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks, have voiced their opinion on the matter and now, Florida Georgia Line is sharing theirs.

“I personally love it, anyway to get the music out there to the people, let’s do it,” Tyler Hubbard of the award winning duo said. “I think the music industry is always evolving, and as soon as we think we have it figured out and everyone is making money, guess what we don’t and everyone’s broke again.”

FGL has reached new heights of popularity among streaming users. On radio streaming service Pandora, they hold reign as the top spinning artist, with over 3.7 million spins on the service’s second biggest station, Today’s Country, last week alone.

The “H.O.L.Y.” singers don’t take that number lightly. They are doing whatever they can to support the trend and make the most of it.

“I think it’s something we should embrace and something we should evolve with, and remold the business model to make it benefit us,” Hubbard continued. “I mean nobody is selling 3.5 million copies of anything anymore and when we hear the numbers of streams it’s just like well obviously that’s what’s going on so let’s figure out how to cash in on it.”

FGL is gearing up to release their third studio album, Dig Your Roots, and understand that part of the record’s success will come from streaming. With that in mind, they are trying to find a way to make it work for everyone involved in the musical process.

“I think we’re still figuring out how the streaming is going to benefit a lot of us, songwriters included,” Hubbard stated.

Dig Your Roots is slated for release August 26 and is now available for pre-order now.