Gabby Barrett Strikes Gold with Debut Album, ‘Goldmine’

She's struck a goldmine with this record.

Gabby Barrett Strikes Gold with Debut Album, ‘Goldmine’
Gabby Barrett; Cover art courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Gabby Barrett released her much anticipated debut album to wide acclaim. Goldmine, co-produced by Ross Copperman and Zach Kale, features a wide variety of lyrical content, including the singer-songwriter’s Number One country single and Charlie Puth remix of “I Hope.” Overall, the collection of music centers on a much-needed uplifting tone during these challenging times. From heartfelt tunes such as “You’re The Only Reason” and “Hall of Fame,” to the flirty “Rose Needs a Jack,” the American Idol alum maintains an emotional connection with her vocal delivery on each song.

Writing all but one on the project, Barrett tells Sounds Like Nashville, “I’ve been writing for about two years [for this album]. I wrote ‘I Hope’ [during] Halloween of 2018 … I [began] writing in 2018 [and throughout] 2019 … it was hard to narrow down the tracks. [We] picked the ones we thought were the strongest and could be radio pushes.”

Recently, Barrett dropped her new single “The Good Ones” — a dedication to her husband, fellow Idol alum Cade Foehner. The video for the single was equally as crucial for Barrett as the tune itself. “Because the song was so special, I wanted the video to be even more special [by sending] out a message that was [both] meaningful and [helpful] to people. I have a nephew with cerebral palsy and a cousin who has autism. I grew up [volunteering] at charity events and performing for people with disabilities … With this song, I wanted to use it for a greater good with the important message that [said], ‘No matter your disability [or difference], there is love for you out there.'”

Additionally, the title track “Goldmine” holds special meaning for Barrett, even though Nicolle Galyon, Caitlyn Smith, and Liz Rose co-wrote it. “I didn’t have [many] songs written at the time [I didn’t have a record deal]. We were looking for songs that fit me,” she explains. “[After] I realized I was [hopping] on the songwriting train … ‘Goldmine’ was the only one that still stuck out to me. I wanted to make sure it was on a body of work I [recorded] … I feel like I’ve dug for [these songs] and struck my little goldmine with these 13 tracks.”

Popstar Charlie Puth would also agree to the strength of her music. After stumbling on Barrett’s soon-to-be Number One, Puth decided to reach out to her over Instagram. “He had heard the song either from one of his label mates or [found] it on a streaming platform,” Barrett recalls. After complimentary exchanges, Puth requested to create a remix of “I Hope.”

“I didn’t even think he was going to sing on it. I thought he was going to remix the song into a club mix,” Barrett said. “He sent me back a version with his [added] vocals, and I [thought], ‘Oh yeah!’ Our teams then got together, and it [released] within a month.”

Another collaboration Goldmine includes is an uplifting ballad combining Barrett’s vocals with Christian act Shane and Shane. After she and Kale both reached out to the duo’s team, the songwriters came together. The song, “Got Me,” was co-written by Barrett, Kale, her husband Foehner, Shane Barnard, and Bryan Fowler.

“I’m so happy that I can incorporate a song like this onto the album, that [reflects] a large part of who I am,” Barrett said.

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Track Listing:
“I Hope” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Jon Nite)
“Thank God” (Gabby Barrett, Nicolle Galyon, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)
“Write It on My Heart” (Gabby Barrett, Ross Copperman, Josh Osborne)
“Footprints on the Moon” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Jon Nite)
“You’re the Only Reason” (Gabby Barrett, Ross Copperman, Josh Kear)
“Goldmine” (Nicolle Galyon, Caitlyn Smith, Liz Rose)
“The Good Ones” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Emily Landis, Jim McCormick)
“Jesus & My Mama” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Cliff Downs, Marti Dodson)
“Hall of Fame” (Gabby Barrett, Adam Doleac, Trannie Anderson, Zach Kale)
“Got Me” feat. Shane & Shane (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Shane Barnard, Cade Foehner, Bryan Fowler)
“Rose Needs a Jack” (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Joe Clemmons)
“Strong” (Gabby Barrett, Emily Weisband, Ross Copperman)
“I Hope” feat. Charlie Puth (Gabby Barrett, Zach Kale, Jon Nite, Charlie Puth)