Garrett Jacobs Debuts Playful New Single, ‘Young Love’

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Garrett Jacobs Debuts Playful New Single, ‘Young Love’
Photo Courtesy of Garrett Jacobs

Backed by an infectious hook, Garrett Jacobs is lyrically playful in his latest single “Young Love” releasing today (4/24). The melodic, upbeat tune was co-written by Jacobs, along with Michael Whitworth and his producer Jason Massey. 

Describing the ups and downs of a youthful relationship, the lines sing, “Ain’t no way she ain’t the one / Making plans, breaking up / That’s just young love.”

When discussing more about the track, Jacobs said, “My new single ‘Young Love’ is written from a reminiscent place of something almost all of us experience: a relationship when you were young and what you thought was being ‘in love.’ Whether that is true for some or not, the intent of the song is meant to highlight the freedom and joy that we experience during that time in our lives.” 

He continued, “I didn’t want to write this as a sad song because I know that most of us can look back at our young relationships and laugh or feel nostalgic when we hear a certain song on the radio that takes us back.”

The Louisiana native first hit the Nashville scene in 2018, by performing at the local show series, Whiskey Jam. Jacobs’ music video for his previous release, “Just Like You,” scored the No.5 spot on CMT’s 12 Pack Countdown show. 

The young performer has opened up for country singers Riley Green, Jon Langston, Muscadine Bloodline and others. This summer, Jacobs will hit the road with his producer/co-writer, Massey, performing in major cities.

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