Garth Brooks to Headline the First-Ever Concert in Notre Dame’s Stadium

This will be one for the history books!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Garth Brooks to Headline the First-Ever Concert in Notre Dame’s Stadium
Garth Brooks; Photo by Michael Benford

Garth Brooks loves making headlines, and the megastar has never shied away from being first at anything. Now he’s adding a career notch to his belt (not to mention some serious bragging rights), when he headlines the first-ever concert at Notre Dame Stadium.

Announced at a press conference early Monday morning, July 9, Brooks revealed his plans for the monumental show, with a date yet to be announced.

“I don’t know if they’ve told you, but they have a football season going on, so this is going to be a dance between those two schedules,” Brooks shared during the event. “And I can tell you that it is going to be the perfect time of year at Notre Dame. But those announcements will be coming.”

Joining Brooks during the conference was former head football coach Lou Holtz; John Affleck-Graves, Notre Dame’s executive vice president; Mike Seamon, Vice President for Campus Safety and Event Management at Notre Dame; and Lee Sicinski, Associate Vice President for Event Management at Notre Dame Lee Sicinski, each of whom were eager to have Brooks as the headliner.

“Right from the outset, I just felt that Garth represents Notre Dame’s values,” said Affleck-Graves. “And he is the perfect choice as the first artist to perform in concert in the stadium that Rockne built. This promises to be one of the biggest events in Notre Dame’s history.”

“Tradition and memories are built in that stadium. It’s an iconic place,” added Seamon. “This is an important moment and once we decided we were going to have a concert, Garth just jumped into our minds right away. And we knew that he had to be the one. That was it.”

The show will mark the first of several Brooks has planned for the upcoming year, though the singer was not willing to divulge the details in full quite yet.

“We’re going to focus on Notre Dame today,” Brooks explained (quote via CMT). “I will tell you that there will be announcements made more than one day, one location at a time so people can plan a little more. Unlike the 390 shows from the last tour, this will be very selective and very few.”

Those dates will also be without Brooks’ wife and fellow country star, Trisha Yearwood, as they both plan to embark on separate ventures after their three-year world tour.

“It will be the beginning and the end of a lot of things for us that we have known so far,” he said. “It’s a new page. So, I can’t imagine being anywhere where we’re not together. We just spent 10 days in L.A. I was the band wife, so I sat around in our hotel all day, waiting for my wife to come home from work. And so, that partnership, I pray will be there forever whether we’re singing together or not, as the last three-year tour of the 390 shows as Garth Brooks and Ms. Yearwood, that will not be the case moving forward sometimes. So the last tour, it was Garth Brooks and Ms. Trisha Yearwood, this time it will just be Mr. Yearwood.”

While the date for the Notre Dame show has yet to be revealed, fans can gear up for the show with Brooks’ latest release to country radio, “All Day Long.”