Gary Allan Makes Return With ‘Waste of a Whiskey Drink’

This song will be stuck in our heads!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Gary Allan Makes Return With ‘Waste of a Whiskey Drink’
Gary Allan; Photo Credit: Eric Adkins

It’s been three years since he released any music, but now, Gary Allan is back with a brand new single. Out today (7/31), “Waste Of A Whiskey Drink” has him pleading with a buddy to not waste a drink on a woman who will inevitably wreck his world.

She’s gonna climb in your car, she’s gonna mess up your sheets / you’re gonna give her your heart, you’re gonna give her your key / she’s gonna want you to change, she’s gonna flirt with your friends / she’s gonna string you along, ruin your favorite song / and it ends with you back at the bar where you are right now / no matter what you think, that’s the waste of a whiskey drink,” he sings in the chorus.

“It’s about a girl that you just don’t want any of your friends to get tangled up with,” says the singer in a press release. “You’ve been there. And you’re telling him as he’s looking at her and thinking she’s cute… and you’re saying, ‘Man, just do something else because she’s a waste of a whiskey drink. Don’t do it.”

The upbeat track was co-written by Josh Kear, Michael Hardy, and Mark Holman. Listen to “Waste of a Whiskey Drink” now.