Glen Campbell’s Wife Shares Update On Singer’s Health

Written by Lauren Laffer
Glen Campbell’s Wife Shares Update On Singer’s Health

Glen Campbell

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard an update about Glen Campbell and his ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s disease. His wife, Kim Woolen, recently spoke with Broadway’s Electric Barnyard at K92.5 in Connecticut to give an update on the “Gentle On My Mind” singer.

“Well, it’s been several years now since we ended our tour, at the end of 2012, and the disease is marching on. He’s in late stage six, out of seven stages. So, he’s healthy physically. He’s very cheerful. He has Aphasia, so that means he’s lost the ability to communicate verbally,” Kim shares. “He doesn’t really understand anything anyone says to him. He’ll still say short phrases like ‘I love you,’ ‘where you been?’ You know, I’ve been married to him 32, so I just intuitively know what he needs, what he’s trying to communicate to me.”

One thing that fans may surprised to know is that Campbell is back living at home with his family, as he was previously living in a care facility.

“He lives at home with us and we just try to find joy in each day, with smiles and hugs and kisses. It’s challenging because sometimes he can be combative if you’re trying to help him get bathed or change his clothes or something. That’s typical of a lot of people with Alzheimer’s, so that’s an ongoing challenge, but just take it one day at a time.”

When questioned about bringing the singer home, his wife admitted that it was difficult, but something they wanted to try.

“Yes, we’re trying it. I mean, it’s been challenging. He punched me in the eye. Gave me a black eye (laughs). I had a black eye for two weeks. You know, it’s just really hard to cope with. I don’t know, you know?”

Taking on a family member with late stage Alzheimer’s is a huge undertaking so we commend Kim and her family’s choice to help care for Glen during this difficult time.

Campbell and his family embarked on a farewell tour shortly after revealing his diagnosis in 2011.