Glen Templeton Struts Country Cred In ‘Country As You Wanna Get’

Get your first listen of the rowdy new song now!

Glen Templeton Struts Country Cred In ‘Country As You Wanna Get’
Glen Templeton; Photo credit: © Sara Kauss Photography 2020

Glen Templeton is showing just how country he really is with his rowdy new song, “Country As You Wanna Get,” premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (9/3). In the upbeat tune, Templeton sings to a woman who has become disillusioned with “uptown boys,” so he gives her a taste of what life would be like with a country boy like him. Throughout the song, Templeton shares examples of the kind of life he lives — one full of “mud covered rides,” “haystack huggin’,” and “cold beer chuggin.’”

In the chorus, he drives home the sentiment that he’s the country boy she wants, singing, “If you’re lookin’ for some fun and you wanna get you some, I’m your redneck / Yea, we can get as country as you wanna get.”

“’Country As You Wanna Get’ is kind of like a moth to a flame for people who have ever considered converting to redneck,” the singer says of the song. “This is the most ‘in your face’ serenade of what life has to offer outside of the city limits that I’ve ever recorded.”

Not only does the song’s content celebrate the country life, but the production on “Country As You Wanna Get” is as country as it gets, with an energetic mix of fiddle, steel guitar, electric guitar and drums that echos country music of the past.

“The energy felt in ‘CAYWG’ is a combination of groove, lyric, and attitude conveyed by the writers, musicians and producer,” says Templeton. “Working with [producer] Jamie Tate is an experience. He creates an inviting, yet motivating environment that unveils the best possible outcome for any artist, including myself.”

Templeton kicked off his career by portraying Conway Twitty in the 2008 tribute musical, Conway Twitty: The Man, The Music, The Legend. He released his debut single, “I Could Be The One,” in 2011 and a full length album called California in 2019.