Granger Smith Launches Winter Collection Of Yee Yee Apparel

A portion of proceeds from this collection is going to the Release Recovery Foundation.

Written by Jeremy Chua
Granger Smith Launches Winter Collection Of Yee Yee Apparel
Granger Smith and his wife Amber; Photo credit: Brian Kimble

Country star Granger Smith has rolled out the Winter Collection of his popular apparel line, Yee Yee Apparel.

The brand new items dropped last Friday (January 15), and include products like a dual arc lighter that operates by electric current and a custom Yee Yee belt buckle. 

The company is run by Granger and his two brothers, Tyler and Parker Smith. Their philanthropic vision has resulted in over $250,000 donated to numerous charities that the siblings feel passionate about.

“It’s been a really hard year and so many businesses and charitable organizations are struggling because of the pandemic,” Granger shares in a statement. “So, being able to give back continues to be paramount to the Yee Yee mission.”

For this Winter launch, a portion of proceeds from each sale will go to Release Recovery Foundation, a sober living and transitional living program founded by Zac Clark, the man who won the heart of The Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams. Granger’s brother, longtime manager and fellow co-founder of Yee Yee Apparel, Tyler Smith, was featured on the show alongside Zac and the two became fast friends.

“The minute I met Zac, we connected. I could see his heart. He’s a great human,” says Tyler.

“After learning a little about Zac’s story, where he came from, how he overcame certain struggles and now being in the position he is to help so many others I knew I wanted to do anything we could as a company to help further his mission. I’m blessed to know him and grateful for the opportunity to give back in a small way that will enable him and his company to continue to help so many in need.”

Stemming from the signature catchphrase “YEE YEE” of singer/songwriter Granger Smith’s country boy alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., the brand has become a beloved symbol for all those who respect hard work, American values, God, Country, family, and the nation’s flag. Through the close-knit relationship Granger has built with his fanbase, the brothers have exponentially grown Yee Yee Apparel over the years. To date, the charities that have benefitted include Veteran Outdoors, The River Kelly Fund, Meals on Wheels America, Disabled Outdoorsmen USA, Dell Children’s Medical Center and more.

“We know that every single product we release is a direct reflection of us and the standard we hold ourselves too. We realized quickly that we have a real opportunity to do some good in the world through donations,” Parker Smith, CEO of Yee Yee Apparel adds. “I think that’s what it’s all about. To leave the world just a tiny bit better than the way we found it.”

Fans can shop the Winter Collection of Yee Yee Apparel HERE.