Granger Smith’s Semi Crew Is Safe After Semi Overturns on Highway

Granger Smith and his crew are thanking their lucky stars that everyone is okay after their equipment semi overturned on the highway.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Granger Smith’s Semi Crew Is Safe After Semi Overturns on Highway
Granger Smith; Photo via Instagram

It was a rough start to the morning for Granger Smith on Saturday (8/11) when his manager woke him with some scary news. According to several posts on Instagram, the singer’s semi-truck of equipment overturned on the highway.

“Chris woke me up, my tour manager, and he’s banging on the door saying, ‘Granger, Granger!’ And, in the past, if he’s woken me up and we’re parked on the side of the highway, it’s always a bad thing. So, I’m already, you know, feeling tense and he says ‘First of all, Charlie’s fine.’ Charlie’s our equipment truck driver. He says, ‘Charlie’s fine, but the semi’s turned over,” recalled Smith in a series of videos posted to the social media app.

“Such a surreal sight to see our semi truck on its side, completely across the entire highway,” he added. “Cars backed up for miles. We walked up to him, wanted to hug Charlie. He said, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.’ Just that freak deal where it was a foggy, winding road, early morning, West Virginia mountains. Trailer starts swinging a little bit. He overcompensated and lost control of it and turned it over. He walked away from it. He walked right out of the broken windshield, out of the front of it.”

The fact that everyone walked away from the incident unscathed left Smith and his team much to be thankful for.

“It puts perspective on everything and just standing out there, standing on that hill, looking down on our whole music life packed into a truck that is completely decapitated. But knowing that we’re all okay, the band and crew, we’re perfectly fine, it puts everything in perspective.”

After all was said and done, the crew made it in time to put on a show for the waiting Baltimore crowd. Their next show is scheduled for Aberdeen, S.D. on Aug. 15.