Granger Smith Brings Out ‘You’re In It’ as His Summer Single

Granger Smith comes out in full force for the summer with his latest single to country radio, "You're In It."

Granger Smith Brings Out ‘You’re In It’ as His Summer Single
Granger Smith; Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

Ah, the wonderful feeling of falling in love. Granger Smith still remembers every precious moment with his special someone in “You’re In It.”

From a front porch swing to that corner booth that the two met in many years ago, Smith still remembers every happy time like it was yesterday when he recalls the relationship lyric by lyric. Never forgetting a single second together, the singer puts his girl at the center of attention by claiming she caught his eye in every situation.

Smith couldn’t contain his excitement over sending out the song to radio and hopes fans get on board the “You’re In It” train to support him during the summer.

“So excited that today my brand new single “YOU’RE IN IT” is officially at country radio. Thank you to all my friends at radio for adding the song! To all the fans…call, request, tweet, comment and come to a show and sing every word with me! This is gonna be fun…,” he wrote via Instagram.

Many of his supporters get to hear the single when they see him live, especially as he expects to perform at festivals and fairs all throughout the warmer times coming up ahead on his schedule.

“You’re in It,” off of Smith’s album, When the Good Guys Win, is out on country radio now.