Granger Smith’s Yee Yee Apparel Fall 2020 Line to Help Veteran Outdoors

The company was formed by the three brothers in order to give back to charities that are important to them.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Granger Smith’s Yee Yee Apparel Fall 2020 Line to Help Veteran Outdoors
Amber and Granger Smith; Photo courtesy:

Granger Smith continues to give back with his Yee Yee apparel line. The singer and his brand partners (and brothers) Tyler Smith and Parker Smith have revealed the fall line for their clothing brand and the organization receiving a donation.

For the new collection, Yee Yee Apparel will make a donation to Veteran Outdoors. The organization honors wounded veterans by providing hunting, fishing and outdoor related activities in an effort to thank them for their patriotism and sacrifice.

L-R: Tyler Smith (Co-Founder, Yee Yee Apparel); Granger Smith (Co-Founder, Yee Yee Apparel); Parker Smith (CEO, Yee Yee Apparel); Photo courtesy:

Veteran Outdoors is the latest organization to capture the focus of Yee Yee Apparel and the Smith Brothers. The company began with a goal to give back to causes important to the three and, to date, they’ve donated more than $230,000 to select charities.

“July 10, 2011: That’s the day we said Yee Yee for the first time,” shared the singer in a press release. “I know that because I have the original file of the first-ever Earl Dibbles Jr. video right here on my phone. It was me and my two brothers, Tyler and Parker, just trying to make a funny video. I remember as it caught popularity. I remember we spent all of our savings just to trademark it. I remember as it changed from a video moment to lifestyle statement. That is a direct testament to y’all who supported it. As our lives have evolved; twisted and turned through ups and downs, ‘Yee Yee’ has zeroed into focus how we sum it up today: Live It. Live Life To The Fullest.”

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“Every time you rock your Yee Yee Apparel, we hope it serves as inspiration to get outdoors. To shoot your shot. To not just walk through life on autopilot, but to soak in every moment. To truly live it,” added Parker.

The Fall 2020 line is available beginning Friday, September 18 at 10 a.m. CST at and features 31 new products.

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Recent Yee Yee Apparel Donations:
June 2019 – $218,000 to Dell Children’s Medical Center
November 2019 – $7,500 to Disabled Outdoorsmen USA
January 2020 – $15,000 to The River Kelly Fund
April 2020 – $5,000 to Meals on Wheels America June 2020 – $7,500 to The River Kelly Fund