Hasting & Co. Bring Back The ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ With New Song

This song will have you wanting to rock a canadian tuxedo!

Hasting & Co. Bring Back The ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ With New Song
Hasting & Co; Photo credit: Logen Christopher

Hasting & Co. are celebrating Canada Day and Fourth of July weekend with a funky new single called “Canadian Tuxedo,” premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today, July 2nd. In the song, duo member Kate Hasting sings of finding a real man — one that can fix his own car, pay his own bills, and isn’t afraid to sport the jean-on-jean style of a Canadian tuxedo. The song was written by duo members Hasting and Josh Beale, along with Blane Mitchell and Morgan Johnston.

“I don’t know if we’ve ever had more fun putting together the pieces of a song than we have with ‘Canadian Tuxedo,’” Beale tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I think it’s a great representation of who we are as a band – country to the core, a little redneck, a little trashy, and willing to experiment musically in a way that pushes the envelope just enough.”

Beale also says that in order to write the song, the songwriters had to research the background of the Canadian tuxedo, and they found a long history related to the infamous get-up.

“In the process of writing this song it was amazing to learn about the origins of the Canadian Tuxedo, all the way back to Bing Crosby and Levi Strauss, and how, despite the name, it’s really more American than anything,” he adds.

Hasting & Co; Cover art courtesy of Elicity Public Relations

The song is full of quick lyrical wit and a sense of sassiness in Hasting’s voice. The lyrics are then set to country instrumentation mixed with an R&B-inspired beat crafted by producer Tyler Smyth.

“When we were writing this song, Blane had some really cool trap-inspired ideas for the track, and when we got it to Tyler, he just took it to a whole other level,” says Beale. “This song is all about wanting to be with someone who’s a bit extra in the redneck department, ‘blue collar, blue jeans from head to toe.’”

“Canadian Tuxedo” follows the duo’s “Brunch Drunk,” released in October.