Hayley Orrantia Talks Bittersweet New Song ‘Find Yourself Somebody’ + New Music Plans

This is a great way to think about a breakup!

Hayley Orrantia Talks Bittersweet New Song ‘Find Yourself Somebody’ + New Music Plans
Hayley Orrantia; Photo credit: The Riker Brothers

Many people may recognize Hayley Orrantia as the actress who has played Erica Goldberg on the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs for the past seven years, but when Orrantia isn’t on a TV set, she’s making time for her other passion: music. The singer/songwriter and actress recently released her new song, “Find Yourself Somebody,” which is about that rare kind of break up when both parties truly want the best for one another.

“It was kind of inspired by a former relationship I had where it just didn’t work out, and we just weren’t right for each other, but we still had love for one another and wanted the best for each other,” Orrantia told Sounds Like Nashville in an exclusive interview. “We just wanted us to find somebody else that we could be happy with and have fun with. It’s kind of meant to be a happy break up song, which I feel like you don’t see that much of anymore.”

Written by Orrantia, Johnny Simmen and Robyn Collins, “Find Yourself Somebody” finds the singer in a bittersweet position — wishing her former love happiness with someone else.

Love’s a good remedy for a little heartbreak,” she sings in the bridge.

Even though the tune is about the end of a relationship, the overall vibe of the song is hopeful, as Orrantia’s lyrics about moving on and finding new love are paired with an uptempo beat.

“The point of the song is that it doesn’t have to end in a bad way. You can just encourage that person to go out and find somebody that makes them happy,” she says. “We wanted to make sure that was kind of played out in the production of the song. It does feel a little more upbeat, a little more happy in the way we produced it just because, at the end of the day, all you can do after a break up is pick up the pieces and be happy for each other and carry on.”

According to Orrantia, “Find Yourself Somebody” is just the first of a string of new music she’ll be releasing soon. She will also be heading out on tour in the spring.

“I’ve got two more singles lined up and ready to go,” she says. “I would like to, in the future, plan on releasing another EP or an album, but for now, I’ve just got a series of singles that I’m excited to share with everyone.”

Orrantia can currently be seen sharing her acting and musical talent on the seventh season of The Goldbergs, as her character is in a band. In addition to releasing new music, Orrantia says she hopes to keep acting into the future.

“I would love to expand and do more comedy, specifically movies,” she says. “I would love to dabble in dramas. I don’t plan on trying to limit myself as far as what I would try out for just because it’s fun. It’s always fun to be out there and try something new and be a little different.”