Heidi Raye Sings About The Bond Between ‘Drunk Girls In Bathroom Lines’ In New Song

This song is about the "BFFs we’ll never see again."

Heidi Raye Sings About The Bond Between ‘Drunk Girls In Bathroom Lines’ In New Song
Heidi Raye; Photo credit: Catherine Powell

Any woman who’s been in a long line for the bathroom at a bar knows it as one of the best places to make friends, even if those friends are only temporary. Heidi Raye is singing about that unexpectedly strong bond among women in her latest single, “Drunk Girls In Bathroom Lines,” premiering in an exclusive first listen on Sounds Like Nashville.  

“I don’t know if it’s the alcohol or the feeling of vulnerability that you have in a bathroom line, but for some reason, drunk girls in said line are the nicest girls,” says Raye. “I’ve seen friendships form and made friends myself enough times to feel like the phenomenon of ‘Drunk Girls In Bathroom Lines’ needed its own song!”

From sharing lipstick and Instagram handles, to taking selfies and consoling brokenhearted strangers, Raye sings about all the different ways drunk girls in bathroom lines become fast friends. While these newfound friendships may just be “BFFs we’ll never see again,” as Raye sings in the chorus of the song, the friends made while waiting for the bathroom will certainly make for a fun night out on the town. The tune features a contagious beat and humorous lyrics that are sure to have any woman who’s experienced the same thing singing along.

“Drunk Girls In Bathroom Lines” is Raye’s first release since her Blame It On The Radio EP released in 2018. The Canadian-born singer has opened for artists such as Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire and more, and can currently be found on the road with her husband and fellow musician, Johnny Bulford, into December.