High Valley Brings Unique Sound To Country Radio with ‘Make You Mine’

“‘Make You Mine’ is like the song that summarizes what we grew up doing… really simple, straight-up-ahead country music,” Brad Rempel tells us. 

High Valley Brings Unique Sound To Country Radio with ‘Make You Mine’
High Valley, Photo courtesy Warner Music Nashville

High Valley. Quite the oxymoron, isn’t it? But it seems that opposites attract for brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel. One is a self-proclaimed “business freak.” The other, a goof off. The opposing forces even ring true for their music and is highly apparent in their current single “Make You Mine.”

“‘Make You Mine’ is like the song that summarizes what we grew up doing… really simple, straight-up-ahead country music,” Brad explained to Sounds Like Nashville. “Our favorite is when people comment on how old school it sounds or how progressive it sounds, but the best is when they say that it’s both at the same time.”

The brothers grew up in a small Mennonite town in Alberta, Canada, and while many people may think they’re a mix of old school and contemporary, the brother’s don’t really see the difference.

“I think it might be a lack of inspiration because there’s like a couple decades of music where we just know nothing about because we grew up without a TV or radio or anything like that,” said Curtis. “Our mom and dad had a couple vinyl’s and we grew up on this old school country music and then in like 2007, we started kind of getting up-to-date with what’s actually going on in the current world of music.”

Because the two grew up with very limited access to pop culture, they were admittingly unfamiliar with icons like Michael Jackson and Prince. They had just been introduced to Led Zeppelin days earlier by Warner Music Nashville’s SVP/Promotion Kevin Herring.

“We just heard… Kevin Herring just played us ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ We missed all of that stuff. So, when people say ‘Play Freebird,’ literally, I don’t know that song. I don’t even really know what that means,” Brad said with a laugh.

Although they have several decades of music to catch up on, the brothers’ sound is fairly reflective of what’s currently popular.

“Now, I love the new Dierks, Eric Church and Lumineers. Miranda Lambert, Mumford, all that stuff,” said Brad. “A lot of it is very acoustic, which reminds us of what we did when we were little kids and it’s just mixing, like I said before, our very progressive music and our very old school music we think is the same.”

And although many people may not be entirely familiar with the band, they encourage fans to watch the video for “Make You Mine.”

“I think they should go to YouTube and watch the ‘Make You Mine’ video. I feel like that summarizes the song slash the culture of the band the best,” Brad added. “I always want ‘Make You Mine’ to feel like a barn dance from the 1800s that magically found its way into 2016 and I feel like the video does a good job of explaining that to people.”

“Tell them to Google ‘barn dance’ and then after that, Google ‘2016 culture.’ Just kidding, don’t do that,” Curtis said chuckling.

While googling “barn dance” and “2016 culture,” fans can also look up the duo’s upcoming Make You Mine Tour dates, which is something Brad and Curtis can’t wait to embark on.

“A lot of it is our shows, a lot of it is festivals, smaller ones we’re headlining, bigger ones we’re opening up for Sam Hunt or Carrie Underwood is headlining, somebody huge, you know? Both options are great. We just love the fact that we’re getting fans and people are singing when we get to ‘Make You Mine,’ that they’re singing it back to us. That’s like easily the coolest thing ever,” said Brad.

Make You Mine Tour Dates:
May 19 Bucking Horse Sale – Miles City, MT
May 21 BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass – Saint Joseph, MII
May 22 Mayo Civic Presentaion Hall – Rochester, MN
May 29 Country 102.5 Street Party – Boston, MA
Jun 11 CMA Fest – Riverfront Stage – Nashville, TN
Jun 15 Shasta District Fair – Anderson, CA
Jun 17 Band in the Backyard – Vineland, CO
Jun 18 CO Country Jam – Grand Junction, CO
Jun 23 Lakes Jam – Brainerd, MN
Jun 24 Country Stampede – Manhattan, KS
Jul 01 Dauphin Country Fest – Dauphin, Canada ADA
Jul 08 Calgary Stampede – Calgary, Canada
Jul 1 3Rock The Park – London, Canada
Jul 14 Jamboree In The Hills – Morristown, OH
Jul 15 City Limits Fest – Cudahy, WI
Jul 16 Jam At The Ridge – Le Roy, NY
Jul 17 Town Green – Herndon, VA
Jul 19 Barnstable County Fair – East Falmouth, MA
Jul 23 Gone Country-Here For The Cure – Cloverdale, Canada
Jul 29 Sunfest – Duncan, Canada
Jul 30 Rockin River Music Fest – Merritt, Canada
Jul 31 Big Valley Jamboree – Camrose, Canada
Aug 05 Dodge County Fair – Scribner, NE
Aug 09 Dawson Creek Exhibition & Fall Fair – Dawson Creek, Canada
Aug 11 Kamloops Wildlife Park – Kamloops, CANADA
Aug 13 Ashley For The Arts – Arcadia, WI
Aug 15 Huron County Fair – Norwalk, OH
Aug 20 Mid Ohio Valley Music Festival – Marietta, OH
Sep 02 Midwest Old Threshers – Mount Pleasant, IA