Hilary Williams, Granddaughter of Hank Williams Sr., Releases New Single, ‘Crazy’

Her debut album, My Lucky Scars, will show Hilary's personal side, including the recovery process from a near-death experience she went through years ago.

Hilary Williams, Granddaughter of Hank Williams Sr., Releases New Single, ‘Crazy’
Hilary Williams; Photo Courtesy of Nashville Underground

Long before Hilary Williams even found her place as a singer, country music was flowing through her bloodstream thanks to her famous family paving the way ahead of her.

Following the lead of her grandfather, Hank Williams Sr., and father Hank Williams Jr., it seemed like it was destiny that Hilary would mark her own territory in the genre. She decided to follow suit and go forth with her big dreams as a singer, which resulted in her new single called “Crazy” and her first album, My Lucky Scars.

Hilary chose “Crazy” among a number of other tracks she recorded for her first-ever studio project due to its relatability for listeners to grasp on to, as well as the romantic aspect of falling in love that everyone enjoys hearing about by way of song.

It represents the two sides of love, everyone who has ever been in a relationship can relate to the song. ‘Crazy’ is a timeless story,” she explained as the reasoning behind picking her first single.

Just like “Crazy,” the entire collection Hilary stepped into the entertainment world with represents the struggles she’s gone through for the past years of her life. She even details the emotional recovery process following a near-death experience that influenced the album overall.

“This album is very personal for me,” Williams admitted. “I have been working on it for a while and it was incredible to see my vision come to life throughout the process.”

My Lucky Scars will be available to fans on May 25.

My Lucky Scars track list:
1. Angel, Take My Hand
2. Beautiful Things
3. Free
4. Bedside Manner
5. Better Than Here
6. The Day After The Circus
7. Let Somebody Save Me
8. My Lucky Scars
9. Sign Of Life
10. River
11. Shipwreck
12. Crazy