Honey County Release Smoky Lyric Video For ‘Under Your Influence’

Honey County Release Smoky Lyric Video For ‘Under Your Influence’
Honey County; Photo credit: Guerin Blask

California-based country trio Honey County released a lyric video for their sultry single “Under Your Influence,” premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville today (Oct. 30). The video, produced by Jennie List, pairs well with the song’s intimate visuals of candles and cigarettes, as it displays the lyrics onscreen against a moving background of slowly billowing smoke.

“In my research of lyric videos that I liked, I just noticed how simple they were,” says the group’s Katie Stump. “I mentioned that to everybody, like, ‘Why don’t we just have one entrancing image that just keeps going and developing and expanding while the lyrics are going?’ I felt like that would be a good fit for the song because the song itself is enchanting, you can kind of get lost in it. I thought that the smoke was a good indicator of that; a good symbol of that.”

“We wanted to focus on the lyrics instead of some sort of images or drawings, and that’s what the lyric video achieves,” adds the group’s Dani Rose.

The song, penned by Rose, Maks Gabriel and JP Williams, features upcoming artist Spencer Crandall. The tune first made a splash when it was featured on the Paramount Network show Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner. The band’s song “Love Someone” was also featured on the show.

“It was just a really exciting time for us because we were like, “Wow, we get two placements on this amazing TV show,’” Rose says. “It was the number one show on cable, so it was really cool to have two songs on a season.”

And there is more excitement to come. The group confirmed they will have a third song, called “Cigarette,” featured on season three of Yellowstone, premiering in 2020. Honey County also shared that they are working on new music, and hope to release the new material next year as well.

“We’re working on releasing a new song, hopefully, in January or February of the New Year, which is exciting,” says the group’s Devon Jane. “We’re not totally sure if we’re recording an EP or an album right now, but we have a bunch of songs that we’re recording at home, getting them produced and ready, so we’ll just kind of see where it all takes us.”

For now though, the ladies of Honey County hope fans enjoy the lyric video for “Under Your Influence,” and hope the video “helps the song reach another audience.”