How Dierks Bentley Helped High School Algebra Students Get Out of Their Final Exam

Dierks Bentley helped a group of high schoolers get out of their Algebra II exam when he tweeted them after seeing their pleads for help.

Written by Lauren Laffer
How Dierks Bentley Helped High School Algebra Students Get Out of Their Final Exam
Dierks Bentley; Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

When you want to get out of your end of the year final, what do you do? You tweet Dierks Bentley and ask him for help, of course!

Students in an Algebra II class took to the social media platform to beg the “Black” singer for his help in skipping their exam. In a post by Twitter user Grace, students got their teacher to agree that if they got 750 retweets and a share from Dierks Bentley, their second period Algebra exam would be canceled.

According to Grace, the students allowed their teacher to choose who she’d like them to reach out to on Twitter. She chose Bentley because she “LOVES HIM,” she explained to Sounds Like Nashville through a direct message on Twitter. “It started as a joke but we actually talked her into it! It was initially 500 rts but she changed it to 750 ‘just to be safe.'”

Thankfully, the Arizona native caught wind of the deal and decided to help the students out.

“hey gdub!! put your books down! have a great monday with no exam. (sorry caroline!),” he wrote on Twitter with a share of the original tweet.

“When I saw his tweet I was actually just finishing studying for the exam and I threw my binders up and ran to show my parents what had happened. I immediately tweeted back to him then I texted me teacher and classmates,” she told SLN. “We were all soooo excited and couldn’t believe that Dierks actually saw it! (A few people in my class even emailed his team).”

After all of their hard work, their teacher held up her end of the bargain and let the students skip their exam.

“Today and tomorrow were suppose to be our exam but our teacher followed through with the deal and we spent the day playing games and listening to Dierks Bentley’s albums!”

Canadian-based group James Barker Band applauded Bentley’s tweet with a gif of rapper Drake excitedly clapping and lauding the star as “legendary.”

Way to go, Dierks! You are a legend!