Hutton Hotel and Fender Guitars Team Up to Help Guests Learn to Play

This is such a great idea!

Hutton Hotel and Fender Guitars Team Up to Help Guests Learn to Play
The Hutton Hotel's Fender In-Room Play Experience; photo courtesy of Hutton Hotel and Fender

In their hit Nashville Cats, the Lovin’ Spoonful sings “Well, there’s thirteen hundred and fifty two guitar pickers in Nashville.” Now, you can add one more to that total if you book a stay at Midtown’s hip Hutton Hotel and take advantage of their new partnership with Fender Guitars. We’ve already told you about the Hutton’s program to offer professional studios for songwriters to work in comfortable luxury and for aspiring songwriters to practice their craft during weekend seminars, but now they’re offering the opportunity for visitors to Music City to learn how to actually play along with the music.

The Fender Play In Room Experience, which launched on October 1, provides guests with the opportunity to learn how to play the guitar, bass or ukulele within minutes using Fender Play – the complete, personalized, online/mobile learning platform that offers players  quick, simplified song-based video lessons in a variety of genres. Guests are recommended to book this package in advance, even though there is no additional cost on top of the regular room rate to take advantage of the opportunity. A trained music tech will actually set up the guest room in advance, outfitting new pickers with a Fender Mustang LT25 amplifier plus headphones so that other guests don’t have to share in your learning experience, an iPad pre-loaded with Fender Play learning software, picks, a guitar stand and your choice of iconic Fender instruments including Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jazzmasters, electric basses or ukuleles.

The Hutton Hotel’s Fender In-Room Play Experience; Photo courtesy of Hutton Hotel and Fender

As part of the package each guest will receive a 3-month gift card to trial Fender Play special for Hutton guests (trials are usually 14 days). If guests are interested in continuing their musical journey after their stay and 3-month trial, they will receive an exclusive offer to purchase a Fender Play subscription for only $5 per month (usually $9.99). To further sweeten the deal, once a subscription is purchased, you will receive a 10% discount on instruments and gear at

The software is fun and intuitive to use with an assortment of basic lessons starting with how to properly hold the instrument, picking instruction and the chance to actually learn how to play songs in various genres including rock, blues and country. The lessons are taught by top instructors who are pro players and demonstrate the skills needed to go from a beginner to a competent picker. Even if you already know  how to play, just about anyone can improve their skills with Fender Play, and you can continue to learn once you get home thanks to the membership with the program.

Fender has a strong presence in Nashville with a factory and showroom and countless musicians who ply their trade using Fender instruments. Since the Hutton Hotel has such an emphasis on music and musicians, they were a natural partner to bring this program to guests. “We are thrilled to announce the Fender Play In-Room Experience in partnership with Fender,“ said Dale McCarty, Hutton General Manager. “The collaboration speaks to our continued dedication to infusing the guest experience with the creativity that is at the heart of Nashville and to the art of making music.”

The Hutton Hotel’s Fender In-Room Play Experience; Photo courtesy of Hutton Hotel and Fender

“When we first built Fender Play, our goal was to make learning accessible, and through the Fender Play In-Room Experience we’re able to help musicians of all levels progress on their musical journey,” said Evan Jones, Chief Marketing Officer or Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. We are excited to launch this first-of-its-kind offering with Fender Play and Hutton Hotel in Nashville – Music City.”

Admit it. We’ve all spent too much mindless time sitting on a hotel bed watching the Weather Channel just because it was on when we turned on the television. Instead, you could be rocking out or polishing your country chops while waiting until it’s time to head out for the evening and watch the real pros of Nashville picking and singing. If you’re looking for a hotel experience that’s truly Music City, check out the Hutton Hotel and their Fender Play In-Room Experience.