Indigo Summer’s Pop-Country Sound is Not ‘Something You Miss’

After meeting at a songwriters’ night in Nashville, Hope Nix and Bryan Edwards ditched their solo careers and created Indigo Summer.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Indigo Summer’s Pop-Country Sound is Not ‘Something You Miss’
Photo courtesy the artist

Two heads are usually better than one, especially when it comes to making music and writing songs. After randomly meeting at a songwriters’ night in Nashville, Hope Nix and Bryan Edwards ditched their solo careers for the duo dynamic and created Indigo Summer, taking full advantage of the two-over-one mentality.

Gearing up for their self-titled debut album, Indigo Summer has spent the last six years perfecting the ultimate pop-country sound. With a ballad single on its way out for release and a music video to boot, both Nix and Edwards are confident in their next steps as a duo.

Their soon-to-be released single, “Something You Miss,” will show listeners how strong their songwriting abilities are. While they claim that ballads hardly ever come out of their repertoire, this slow breakup song has a story worth telling.

“I had this title after going through a breakup and we sat down,” explained Nix to Sounds Like Nashville. “We sat on the floor, which it was just a total casual thing, and we sat down and wrote this in…it just flew out of us. It’s just really about going through a breakup and you’re trying to get over the person and you’re trying to be. You want to do all these things to make them jealous and whatever, but you can’t do that if you really still love someone. You really just want the best. It’s just talking about how you don’t know how to be broken up with them. It’s not something that you can grasp or learn to grasp.”

With an emotional range twice as wide as any solo artist, Indigo Summer knows how to take ideas like the one in “Something You Miss” and turn them into a solid story that will pull at fans’ heartstrings no matter the feeling.

One thing that sets them apart from the rest, though, is their consistency with their co-writes and how they can turn any small idea into one of their favorite songs in their catalogue. For their upcoming record, which does not have a release date yet, they only needed a good 15 or 16 songs to make the final decision for the tracklist. That’s how strong their skills with one another combine to create something great.

“The coolest thing about this whole record was we weren’t trying to do anything,” said Edwards. “We were just being ourselves and it happened so fast with this record. Of the 12 songs that are on the album, I think it took us maybe 15 or 16 songs to get to 12 really good ones and we were happy enough to record which is kinda crazy. I’ve been writing for a long time and to write that many songs consistently in a row just was really fun. It’s one of those things where every time I listen to the record, I feel like it’s confirmation that we have something really special together. It makes me feel good.”

Describing themselves as a “newer, sexier version” of what Lady Antebellum did, Indigo Summer will soon be known for showing that two worlds colliding brings out the best in one another.

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