Inside The December 2010 Issue Of ‘People Country’

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Inside The December 2010 Issue Of ‘People Country’

The December 2010 issue of People Country is on newsstands now! This issue celebrates the biggest stars of 2010″ Reba, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, and Keith Urban” with an exclusive series of portraits in their favorite Nashville places. The photos in this package will be auctioned off at to raise funds for Nashville’s rebuilding.

Reba: Why I Love Ryman Auditorium; What I’ve Learned from Taylor Swift

“My family didn’t take vacations except to go to the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman,” Reba says of the country radio show’s original home. “It represents tradition and heritage” things I’m very proud of in country music.” The 55-year-old superstar holds her own against the current crop of twentysomethings. “I love to look for great songs to record, and I watch and learn from everybody,” she says, adding, “I’ve definitely learned from Taylor Swift. She really is good at communicating with her fans.”

Lady Antebellum: Why We Love 3rd and Lindsley

“It’s one of those venues that encourages new acts,” says Charles Kelley, 29, of the bar where he and bandmates Hillary Scott, 24, and Dave Haywood, 28, played for their very first performance as Lady A. “So it holds a special place in our hearts.”

Taylor Swift: Why I Love Kids Kingdom

“When I was little, playing in the park was a huge part of my imagination,” says Swift, 20, who donated $100,000 to help rebuild the flood-damaged playground in her hometown of Hendersonville, Tenn. “Now, swings are a [good] place to have a conversation. You’re distracted by swinging, so you open up more.”

Brad Paisley: Why I Love the Grand Ole Opry House

“The history, the importance, the class” I am so proud of it,” Paisley, 38, tells People Country. “It puts you in the mindset of where you are and what it means.” Of the past year, he reflects, “2010 was the best year of my life because of all the bad things that happened. The flood forced me, and all of Nashville, to rise or be swallowed up by it.” Paisley rose to the occasion, pitching in on several fund-raisers and personally donating $100,000.

Dierks Bentley: Why I Love My Farm in Leiper’s Fork

“This place was a muse for the Up on the Ridge album,” Bentley, 36, says of his bluegrass-inspired record. “There’s no power, and only acoustic instruments work up here…It really has been the most fulfilling year of my musical career ever.”

Miranda Lambert: Why I Love Losers

“Losers is a dive bar, and it’s the kind of place where I started my career, so I feel at home,” says Lambert. With a blazing hot career including being named CMA/ACM top female vocalist, she says, “It’s really cool that I can celebrate my career and actually be happy in my personal life instead of all the good stuff happening on one side or another.”

Keith Urban: Why I Love Gruhn Guitars

“It’s part museum, part guitar store,” says Urban of the 40-year-old shop in downtown Nashville. “I’m just fascinated in here.”

Blake Shelton Reveals His Biggest Pet Peeve

“When somebody walks up to me with their cell phone and wants me to say hi to whatever stranger is on the other end,” Blake Shelton tells People Country. “I usually hit the end button as I’m putting the phone up to my ear, and I’ll say, ‘You must have lost ‘em!’”

Joe Don Rooney And Luke Bryan Show Off Their Babies

“We knew what to expect, but there’s no less excitement and joy with your second baby,” says Rascal Flatts’ guitarist Joe Don Rooney (photographed by People Country with wife Tiffany Fallon, son Jagger, 2, and new baby daughter Raquel Blue.)

“With Bo, we treated him like a Fabergé egg,” says Luke Bryan of his two-year-old son. “But with Tate,” (new baby Tatum Christopher) he and wife Caroline are “a little more chilled out,” he says.

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