Introducing… Brett Young: Part 2

In Introducing... Brett Young: Part 2, the singer tells us what inspired his single "Sleep Without You" and the process of shooting the video.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Introducing… Brett Young: Part 2
Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

Hot newcomer Brett Young is blazing up the country charts with his debut single “Sleep Without You.” The California native was inspired to write the song after listening to pop radio.

“‘Sleep Without You’ happened because I had gone back to LA to visit friends and family. I was listening to pop radio and there were like three songs in a row that the topic was the same in all three. It was the guy trying to sleep with a girl,” Young tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I had this moment where I was like ‘We understand why that song works, but enough.’”

The singer/songwriter decided that we wanted to put a twist on that same old tale by using his own personal experience into the story.

“So I start thinking, ‘is there like a sweet twist that we can put on that?’ I started to think about past relationships and we were in the habit of the goodnight phone call or text. And I thought, ‘I remember nights where she would work late or something and I would be trying to go to sleep, but was laying there tossing and turning because she hadn’t called to say goodnight yet.’”

Watch Introducing… Brett Young: Part 2 to see what he had to say about the song and shooting the sultry music video with Miss USA when he was back home on the West Coast.

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