Introducing… Chris Lane: Part 4

How did Chris Lane land upon his new signature falsetto sound? With the help of his producer, Joey Moi.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Introducing… Chris Lane: Part 4
Chris Lane; Photo by Delaney Royer

Chris Lane notched his first No.1 just weeks ago with his smash hit, “Fix.” The song, which is the lead single from his debut album Girl Problems, showcases Lane’s unique falsetto that caught the ear of his producer.

“Early on when I was signed at Big Loud Records, I was working with Joey Moi, who is my producer. We were trying to figure out the exact sound that I wanted for this record,” explained the North Carolina native. “I had already recorded a handful of songs that were going in a little bit different direction. One day, I was walking around the back of the studio, I believe I had an Usher song stuck in my head and I just sang this high falsetto run. I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing, but my producer turned around in his chair and he’s like ‘what was that? Like, that’s what we should be doing.’”

The sound stuck and eventually laced itself throughout Lane’s entire debut record. The stand-out sound helped the singer take his single all the way to the top of the charts, something that he (and his parents, especially) couldn’t be more proud of.

“My parents call me every day and my dad’s like, ‘Christopher, I heard ‘Fix’ on the radio today… 19 times.’ I’m like ‘Dad, nobody’s playing on the radio 19 times a day.’ He’s so proud. It cracks me up,” he said with a laugh.

See what else Lane told us about discovering his falsetto and how he got his hands on the chart-topping track.

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