Introducing… High Valley: Part 4

In Part 4 of Introducing... High Valley, we decided to highlight the brothers' personalities by playing a round of "Who Is Most Likely To."

Written by Lauren Laffer
Introducing… High Valley: Part 4
HIgh Valley; Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The guys of High Valley are best known for their out-of-the-box approach to writing and recording music. Songs on their major label debut record, Dear Life, are unlike most of what country music fans will hear on country radio today, but the tracks aren’t the only things that stand out from the duo.

Comprised of brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel, the duo is full of laughs and outstanding personalities that will make any person become a fan immediately. To highlight their hilarious dispositions, Sounds Like Nashville decided to play a round of “Who Is Most Likely To” and the result is hysterical.

With questions like “Who is Most Likely To Get In Trouble with Mom and Dad” or “Who is Most Likely To Go Bald First,” the guys had us cracking up with each and every answer.

In the end, the brothers owned up to each question and left no stone un-turned. Check out High Valley’s round of “Who Is Most Likely To” in the video above.

Keep up with the guys of High Valley on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fans can also pick up their major label debut album, Dear Life, on iTunes now. Click HERE to view more of our Introducing series.