Introducing… RaeLynn: Part 2

In Part 2 of Introducing... RaeLynn, the "Love Triangle" singer takes us on a tour of downtown Nashville for a trip down memory lane.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Introducing… RaeLynn: Part 2
Photo courtesy Warner Music Nashville

One of the most magical things about Nashville is the way the city makes you feel at home right away. When people come from out of town, they immediately fall in love with everything Nashville has to offer and the same can be true for RaeLynn.

The “Love Triangle” singer first realized her love for Music City when she would visit as a pre-teen. She and her family would travel to Nashville for the Gospel Music Association Week with her cousin, the lead singer of a Grammy-nominated Christian-rock band.

“When I was younger, my cousin was in a Christian-rock band called Leeland. He was the lead singer of Leeland and my brother was the bass player in the band,” she told Sounds Like Nashville during a tour of Lower Broadway. “He was kind of like the first person in the family to really follow his dream of becoming an artist. It was so cool seeing him being Christian music and all of his albums were nominated for Grammys. It was so awesome.”

The time spent in Nashville opened her eyes to the possibility of building a life in middle Tennessee, but unsure of in what capacity.

“I remember coming here to Nashville when I was like 12 and 13 and walking up and down Broadway during GMA week while he was at meetings and working and he would always be doing showcases and stuff. But when he was doing things, we would just have time off so we would just walk up and down Broadway and just see the city,” she explained. “I remember falling in love with the city at 12 and 13 and I knew right then that I would be here at some point in my life. I didn’t know what for, but I just knew that this place felt like home.”

RaeLynn has called Nashville home for the last several years and has followed in her cousin’s footsteps as she pursues a career in country music. Watch the video above as RaeLynn takes us on a tour of downtown Nashville and talks about her love for the city she now calls home.

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