It’s A Girl For Joe Nichols and Wife Heather

Written by Lauren Laffer
It’s A Girl For Joe Nichols and Wife Heather

Joe Nichols and Wife, Heather

Joe Nichols already has a house full of girls and now, another is on the way.

The singer and his wife Heather, who revealed that they’re expecting their second child together earlier this year, just announced the gender of their new bundle of joy.

“It’s another girl,” Nichols tells PEOPLE. “I’m so outnumbered — I am toast!”

Although Joe and Heather are excited for the new addition, their 2-year-old daughter Dylan River would prefer a puppy instead. “She points to Heather’s belly and says, ‘Puppy!’”

The pregnancy is very special to the couple, who suffered five miscarriages before giving birth to Dylan. “[This baby is] a second miracle. Heather had to go through all that again — the appointments and treatments — but she is feeling great, getting big and the baby is moving like crazy,” the “Sunny and 75″ singer says. “We got some great images on the sonogram last week and it’s so reassuring to see that. We are incredibly fortunate to have Dylan, and now to be expecting our second so soon, we are thankful and so happy Dylan will have a little sister to grow up with.”

And Nichols plans on being in person for the baby’s birth, who is due May 20. “We have blocked time off from the tour on either side of the due date. I wouldn’t miss that for anything.”

The new baby joins big sister Dylan River, and Nichols’ 15-year-old daughter Ashelyn, from a previous relationship.