Jake Hoot and Kelly Clarkson Deliver Power Duet on ‘The Voice’

Check out their betrayal ballad, 'I Would Have Loved You.'

Jake Hoot and Kelly Clarkson Deliver Power Duet on ‘The Voice’
Jake Hoot and Kelly Clarkson; Photo credit: Jonathan Volk Photography

Former Voice champ Jake Hoot and superstar Kelley Clarkson reconnected on the TV stage Tuesday (May 18), delivering a show-stopping performance of their new duet, “I Would Have Loved You.”

Steeped in country heartbreak and a searing hot sense of betrayal, the power-ballad stunner featured two electrifying voices — and found a student becoming the master.

Teaming up on a gleaming television stage which was made to resemble a ballroom, Hoot and Clarkson spent the slow-and-deliberate track blending beautiful sounds of despair. With Clarkson’s acclaimed voice flying high, and Hoot matching her note for soaring note, the pair went back and forth about the tragic end of a love that could have been forever — and promising to never forget the pain.

“And I’m gonna hate you as long and as much / As I would’ve loved you,” goes the devastated chorus.

It’s not the first time the singers have shared a stage, since with Clarkson as his coach, Jake Hoot won season 17 of NBC’s The Voice in 2019. The Tennessee native gone on to release a number of tracks, including “Tennessee Strong” in the wake of the 2020 tornados that hit the Nashville area, “Dangerous Thing,” “Best Job I Ever Had” and “Nadine.”

“I Would’ve Loved You” was written by Hoot, Dean Sams, and Jamie Floyd, produced by Danny Myrick, and can be heard on his debut EP, Love Out Of Time.