Jake Owen and Wife Lacey Buchanan Expecting Baby Girl

Jake Owen and Wife Lacey Buchanan Expecting Baby Girl

Jake Owen and wife Lacey Buchanan just revealed to People.com that they are expecting their first child, a baby girl, this November.

It’s been a BIG year for Jake. The singer proposed to Lacey in April and the couple tied the knot just one month later.

“We actually found out Lacey was pregnant after I had asked her dad for his permission,” the singer tells People. “From the day I met her, there was no doubt in my mind I wanted to marry her, and we always knew we wanted a family.”

Jake continues, “The way we saw it, the baby news was a bonus on top of the engagement, but we didn’t want anyone to think we were getting married because Lacey was pregnant, and we wanted to celebrate our wedding first.”

“We didn’t want to go public with it until we found out if it was a boy or a girl,” adds Buchanan. “The pregnancy was just something we wanted to keep for ourselves for a little while.”

Jake reportedly rushed home to Nashville after performing a weekend of shows on the ‘Brothers of the Sun’ Tour with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney to attend Lacey’s first ultrasound appointment today.

“Not only do I have a beautiful wife I get to spend my life with, I’m getting a baby too!” he says. “You know with other people’s babies, they’ll say, ‘Do you want to hold the baby?’ And I always am excited to do that, but then you have to give the baby back. Now we get to keep the baby!”