Jake Owen Enjoying the ‘Brothers of the Sun’ Tour

Jake Owen Enjoying the ‘Brothers of the Sun’ Tour

Jake Owen is living the dream. He’s a happily married newlywed who is on the road all summer with two of his heroes, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, on the ‘Brothers of the Sun’ Tour. Jake, who says the tour has “been amazing” so far, couldn’t ask for more.

“Kenny and all of his people are really good to us. They always have been,” Jake says. “It’s been pretty awesome watchin’ Tim McGraw do his thing, and Grace Potter is one of the most talented female musicians — just musicians in general, really, so it’s been an awesome opportunity for the guys and I to watch everybody kind of get into the groove of things.”

Jake has been touring for years, but throughout the past year he’s noticed a huge change during his lives shows. It all started with his smash hit “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.”

“It’s been awesome, I mean, just to see the crowds sing along and get loud. There’s a big difference between just a hit song and, like, career songs,” the singer explains. “And the last few songs I’ve released have really turned out to be career songs for me. So it’s changed my perception on the road, it’s changed the way the fans react to our music — it gives ‘em somethin’ to look forward to. We’re still out there playin’ all the hits we had before, but it’s just nice to have somethin’ that was a little bit bigger.”

Jake hopes his success streak will continue so that he can follow in the footsteps of Chesney, an eight-time Entertainer of the Year.

“It’s a perfect opportunity right now on the road for us to get out there and do our thing and watch it grow, and hopefully one of these days down the road I’ll be able to fill a stadium full of people like Kenny does.”

The “Brothers of the Sun” tour runs through August 25. Click HERE to see if Jake, Grace, Tim and Kenny are coming to a city near you.