Jake Owen Hangs Out with Pearl on Daddy-Daughter Donut Day

The two are inseparable these days, from eating treats together to playing with the dogs and getting in some travel time.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Jake Owen Hangs Out with Pearl on Daddy-Daughter Donut Day
Jake Owen and Pearl; Photo via Instagram

Sweet times and sweet treats make all the worries go away for Jake Owen and his adorable little girl, Pearl.

The two shared a bonding moment when the country singer showed up at her school to spend some time on a very special occasion called Daddy-Daughter Donut Day. Owen and Pearl snacked away on some scrumptious pastries while giggling over their time together. They didn’t let the happy moment slip away for too long, as Owen even made a snapshot of the celebration and posted it on his social media.

“I spent this morning taking my little girl to school because it was daddy daughter donut 🍩 day. It was pretty awesome looking around at all the other Dads…being Dads…She reminded me I’m 24 years old, and also reminded me to cherish this time in a woman’s life when they don’t care if they have chocolate frosting all over their face,” Owen wrote cheerfully.

No matter how busy he gets, Owen always finds time to enjoy some relaxation with Pearl. It seems as if the two do everything together, from hanging out with the dogs to letting her give him a makeover complete with mascara and nail polish.

Meanwhile, Owen continues to promote his recently released single, “I Was Jack (You Were Diane),” on radio now.