Jake Owen Promises To Avoid Country Clichés on ‘Days of Gold’

Written by Lauren Jo Black
Jake Owen Promises To Avoid Country Clichés on ‘Days of Gold’

Jake Owen Days of Gold Cover - CountryMusicIsLove

As Jake Owen’s Days of Gold December 3 release date quickly approaches, the singer is beginning to reveal more details about his highly anticipated fourth studio release. Last week, Owen revealed the track listing on Twitter, and in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Florida native dished more details about a handful of the album’s tracks.

The album’s lead single and title track “Days of Gold” is the quintessential party anthem, but don’t expect the rest of the album to reflect that same tone.

“What I’m trying to do with this record is to not have songs that all sound the exactly alike,” Owen tells Rolling Stone. “I’ve definitely had moments in my career where I’ve released songs that were not necessarily the most, you know, in-depth-written song, or maybe it was a party anthem. I wanted to start adding more validity to my music.”

Owen hopes to achieve that through songs like “(We All Want) What We Ain’t Got,” one of the album’s ballads.

“I think it really has a chance to be a single,” he tells the publication. “I really hope it does, because I think it’ll help push my career in a direction differently than others that aren’t doing those sort of things.”

One thing fans should expect is for Owen to steer clear of the country clichés that are all too common in today’s country music marketplace (the same clichés that Zac Brown dissed in an interview with a Canadian radio station last month).

“We need more of those kinds of songs in [country music],” Owen says. “We need more songs than just songs about tailgates and f***in’ cups and Bacardi and stuff like that. We need songs that get ourselves back to the format that made me love it . . . [like] when guys like Randy Travis released songs like ‘He Walked on Water’ – songs that meant something, man!”

“After the Music’s Stopped” is another song Owen hopes will take his career to a new level.

“It’s just something that I would hang my hat on, in my career . . . I even said when I recorded it, ‘This could be my only chance ever in my life to win a Grammy award.’ It’s just that poignant of a song.”

After the Days of Gold release, Owen will prepare for another career first – a headlining arena tour. “I’m pretty fired up about it,” he says. “It’s a big move, man, [but] I feel like I’m ready, man.”

Fans can pre-order Days of Gold now on Amazon.