James Barker Band Shares the Story Behind Flirty ‘Keep It Simple’

It's time to 'keep things simple.'

James Barker Band Shares the Story Behind Flirty ‘Keep It Simple’
James Barker Band; Photo courtesy of the James Barker Band

When the James Barker Band released their animated single “Keep It Simple,” they had one message in mind: literally ‘keep things simple.”

“The concept of it in summation, is all about having a night we don’t have to get wild. You just stay home and hang with your significant other,… have a night in and just, you know, do what couples do,” explained the band’s frontman James Barker in an exclusive video premiering on Sounds Like Nashville.

He added of the song he co-wrote with Travis Wood, Todd Clark and Gavin Slate, “When we were writing, it really started with that rift. Todd had this cool chord progression. Not the rift, the chord progression. And we built it around that because there’s such a fun vibe to it. It kinda ballooned from there. Travis had the idea for ‘Keep It Simple’ and that’s how we decided to write it. You can write it a bunch of ways, but I think it’s pretty fun the way it is.”

The message of keeping things fun and flirty carried over into the group’s retro-themed music video, which features a couple getting hot and heavy all over town, only to snap out of the moment and realize their affection is being broadcast live on television while their young kids watch at home.

Check out the exclusive clip and their music video above. Stay tuned for new music from the James Barker Band coming soon.

Fans can catch the Canadian quartet when they perform at 2019 CMA Fest on Friday, June 7 at the Chevy Breakout Stage. Keep up with everything festival related by downloading the app via the iTunes App Store or Android Play Store.