James Barker Band Debuts New Single, ‘Over All Over Again’

This band is so good!

James Barker Band Debuts New Single, ‘Over All Over Again’
James Barker Band; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Platinum-selling Canadian country band James Barker Band is crossing over into the United States after inking a deal with Sony Music Nashville and Villa 40. The quartet celebrated their big news by releasing a brand new single, “Over All Over Again.”

“We’re so excited to be putting new music out and starting this new chapter in the U.S.,” shares the JBB frontman, James Barker. “They’ve been so great at allowing us to chase down different creative avenues while staying true to our sound. We had the chance this past year to dig in on the writing front, which actually made it harder to choose this single since we had so many tracks to pick from.”

“In the end, ‘Over All Over Again’ just felt like the right song at the right time,” he continues. “There’s a kind of blueness to it from the darkness of the chords and melody, but the tempo keeps it clear of any gloomy territory. I love the lyrics because there’s a little bit of that ‘I know this is going to hurt like hell tomorrow, but it’s going to be good tonight’ thing, done in a clever way that makes it a quintessential, heartbreaking country song.” 

While the band is excited to join the Villa 40/Sony Music Nashville family, the team is just as excited to have the band on board too.

“It’s not every day you start working with an act that already has an engaged, global fan base,” says Villa 40 co-founder Brad Margolis. “We look forward to collaborating with our partners at Sony Music Nashville in continuing to build the band’s success in Canada and making them a household name in the U.S.”