James Otto Joins Steel Magnolia’s Megan Linsey on Tour

Written by SLN Staff Writer
James Otto Joins Steel Magnolia’s Megan Linsey on Tour

As we previously reported, Joshua Scott Jones of Steel Magnolia entered rehab last month to be treated for alcohol and substance abuse. The duo was just about to hit the road with Reba on her ‘All The Women I Am Tour.’ While Megan Linsey did do a few shows on her own prior to the Reba tour, she needed to find someone to fill in for her duet partner, so she called up James Otto.

“Well, you know when I got the call from Meg; I thought it was a great idea,” Otto says. “I thought that our voices would blend really well. I know that our musical tastes are very similar and we’re coming from the same place… Man who wouldn’t want to be out on tour with Reba McEntire? That was one of those things that, you know, it’s a no-brainer.”

According to his official website, concert-goers can expect Otto to team up with Linsey as well as perform hits like “Just Got Started Lovin’ You,” and Jamey Johnson’s “In Color,” which he co-wrote with Johnson and Lee Thomas Miller.

James says he loves to play for Reba’s crowds.

“Reba’s fans and playing in front of Reba is awesome. You know, her fans they come there for a show, they come there to be entertained and if you give ‘em all that you have, you go on out there and lay it out there on the line you feel the love back from ‘em. And it was a lot of fun I think Meg and I are really enjoying ourselves playing for that crowd.”

Fans can catch James Otto on the follow dates of the ‘All The Women I Am Tour’

  • Oct 27 — Sioux City, IA
  • Oct 28 — St Louis, MO
  • Nov 4. — Tulsa, OK
  • Nov 5 — Wichita, KS
  • Nov 10 — Grand Rapids, MI
  • Nov 11 — Evansville, IN
  • Nov 12 — Atlanta, GA
  • Nov 17 — Lafayette , LA
  • Nov 18 — Biloxi , MS
  • Nov 19 — Tupelo, MS