Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin are Expecting!

After suffering five devastating losses, Jana Kramer and her husband are pregnant with their second child.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin are Expecting!
Jana Kramer, Photo via Instagram

Baby No.2 is on the way! “Dammit” singer Jana Kramer and her husband are expecting their second child together. Due this winter, the baby will be the couple’s miracle rainbow baby after they suffered five devastating losses. (A rainbow baby is a child born to a mother who has suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth. For many grieving moms, this baby is the light that comes after the tragedy, just like a rainbow after a storm.)

“I’m so excited,” the singer told PEOPLE of her exciting news. “We lost in October and then we did an IVF cycle and we lost in February, so I want to be able to be like, ‘Hey, I know it’s hard but just try to have some hope.’”

The start of Kramer’s pregnancy wasn’t easy, either, as the mom of two-to-be suffered through the worst morning sickness she’s ever had.

“I was in bed for like six weeks straight,” she explained. “I felt like I was just doing such a bad job as a mom because Jolie’s super active right now.”

In addition to fighting morning sickness, Kramer and her husband have been working hard at repairing their relationship. Seven months after their first-born, two-year-old Jolie, arrived, news broke of Caussin’s unfaithfulness. The couple fought to get through their issues and knew they’d have to rebuild a strong foundation before adding to their family.

“The first [pregnancy] was tough,” said Kramer. “He was going through his thing that I didn’t even know about, but this time around he’s just truly been the greatest support system I could’ve ever asked for. It feels so much more unified and I love that.”

Kramer and Caussin’s second baby, with a gender reveal coming in just a few weeks, is due to arrive November 2018.