Jana Kramer Opens Up About Decision to Not Breastfeed


Written by Lauren Laffer
Jana Kramer Opens Up About Decision to Not Breastfeed
UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - OCTOBER 16: Actress / Singer Jana Kramer visits Hallmark's 'Home & Family' at Universal Studios Hollywood on October 16, 2018 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Jana Kramer is facing criticism over her parenting once again after opening up about her decision to not breastfeed. On Monday night’s episode of her podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer, the singer shared some of the reactions she’s received from others when they learn that she’s bottle feeding her infant son.

“I’ve had so many people reach out to me on DMs … it’s been really great,” Kramer said of the reactions “but it also [is] just really frustrating.”

Kramer’s husband, Michael Caussin, chimed in, noting that he can “sense that tension” when questions arise, but understands why there are inquiries about her decision.

“I get why [people ask] because that’s the way humans have done it for so long, so anything other than the way you’re biologically created to feed your child, I can see why it’s still a lasting stigma,” he said.

“I totally get that. It’s just frustrating when women [are told] breast milk is the best,” Kramer countered. “I understand that — [they] don’t need to tell me something that I [already] know.”

Adding, “But I also don’t need to explain to [them] why it’s either not working or we’re not doing it or we chose not to. I don’t know why we feel like we have to explain.”

Despite knowing she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation over her parenting decisions, Kramer still feels the weight of others judgment when she bottle feeds in public.

“I feel like I have to hide the bottle when I’m in public because people are judging me. I feel judged,” she shared.

“I guess I’m saying this to, also, the moms out there that feel this way too,” Kramer continued. “Let’s not feel like we have to defend our decision. Let’s just be the best moms that we are.”

This isn’t the first time mommy shamers have taken aim at the One Tree Hill alum. She recently responded to unwarranted criticism of her post-baby body.

“In that photo I had a belly bandit wrapped tightly, and high waisted pants and wow here I am defending myself. Why?!? If I would have posted the photo of my actual stomach in this photo I would have probably been shamed too even when I was wanting to be vulnerable with my journey,” she wrote.

“Why do we women have to compare ourselves to each other and then shame? I say this to myself as much as I say this to y’all…why can’t it be that we are all different,” she continued. “Our bodies are all beautiful and crafted differently, they heal different, they react different, they simply look different. Why do we need to shame someone for not looking a certain way? Or feel bad about ourselves for looking a certain way? Can we be kinder to ourselves and know that every women has a different journey but yet we are all beautiful? Can we lift women up but not tear yourself down in the process with comparing? Let’s give that a try…..I love y’all. Back to my baby.”

Kramer and Caussin welcomed their second child together, a son named Jace, on November 29. The newborn joins big sister Jolie, who turns three later this month.