Jana Kramer Spreads Hope with New Single, ‘Untouchable’

Kramer wrote the song more than a decade ago with Nicole Witt and Emily Shackelton.

Jana Kramer Spreads Hope with New Single, ‘Untouchable’
Jana Kramer; Photo credit: Matthew Sayles

Actress-singer Jana Kramer has released her uplifting new single, “Untouchable.” Inspired by a prior relationship ending, the track was written 10 years ago by Kramer alongside Nicole Witt and Emily Shackelton. The tune sings about searching for hope in a time of struggle with lines, “Like a little solid ground when the whole world’s shaking / I want a promise of forever staying / I’m looking for a love that’s untouchable.” 

Originally scheduled for release later in the year, Kramer decided to move up the timeline of the tune, saying, “It’s always been one of my favorite songs … There have been a lot of songs, especially on my first two albums, that never even saw the light of day. They were really deep album cuts, and I just didn’t want that for this song.” 

Kramer continued, “Granted it’s [titled] ‘Untouchable,’ and right now everyone can’t touch people [because of the virus]. At the same time, [the song] is so much more: it’s about finding love that’s so strong, that nothing can shake it. I thought that was a good message to put out there for those that need it … When I wrote this song 10 years ago, I was single in my East Nashville house and that’s all I wanted. I just longed for that love, that was untouchable.”

Presently, the performer hosts a podcast program with her husband, Michael Caussin, titled “Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin.” When discussing how the couples’ real-talk series has strengthened their bond, Kramer stated, “In a way, us talking about our issues has helped us as a couple.” She elaborated, “At times when I regret sharing certain things, because it can get blown out of proportion media-wise, it’s truly great to see the messages from all of the [couples] that we’ve helped.”

Whether Kramer will release another full album, she shared, “The only time I would probably have a full album is if I [recorded] a Christmas album. I’ve always had a dream of doing [one].”

Fans can expect more rescheduled tour dates of “Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin,” when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. For now, Kramer and Caussin along with their two kids, are enjoying making every room a playroom while staying home. 

Stream the new song “Untouchable” now on iTunes or Spotify.