Jason Aldean Takes His Baby Boy on His First Beach Trip

The Aldeans kept Memphis safe from those bright rays of sunshine with a cool pair of sunglasses to look super cool for his first adventure.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Jason Aldean Takes His Baby Boy on His First Beach Trip
Jason Aldean and Memphis; Photo via Instagram

Just call Memphis a beach baby because the littlest Aldean just got a taste of the sand and sunshine during his first trip to the coast.

Before the chaos of touring waves over Jason Aldean’s schedule, he and his family headed to the shoreside for a little rest and relaxation. Strapping Memphis along for the ride as his first time by the waterside, the crew seemed to enjoy the extra Vitamin D vacation and the singer documented the trip via his social media pages.

“My man’s first day at the beach with mom, dad and his sisters. he had a blast! ⛱,” Aldean captioned the photo collection.

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Even his mama, Brittany, snapped a few of her own adorable photographs from the day, in which she slid a pair of mini-sunglasses to protect her boy’s eyes from the shining rays. Nevertheless, Memphis looked calm alongside his big sisters and his parents while soaking up the salty air.

Memphis is learning the ropes of traveling and getting accustomed with a busy family life since he may make a few appearances out on the road with his dad tours all throughout the summer. Playing huge amphitheaters and even a baseball stadium in Georgia, the Aldeans may add those miles up over the next few months of the tour life.

Aldean just released “Gettin’ Warmed Up” to fans as the second song from his upcoming record, Rearview Town.