Jason Aldean ‘Drowns The Whiskey’ With Miranda Lambert in New Video

Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert are drinking away their woes in the new music video for their collaboration "Drowns the Whiskey."

Written by Lauren Laffer
Jason Aldean ‘Drowns The Whiskey’ With Miranda Lambert in New Video
Jason Aldean; Photo via YouTube

Whiskey is supposed to numb the pain, but Jason Aldean can’t help but hurt despite his best efforts. With the help of Miranda Lambert, however, the pain seems to subside during a round of drinks and billiards in the superstar’s new music video for “Drowns the Whiskey.”

With no flashy storyline, Aldean and his longtime video collaborator Shaun Silva decided to keep things simple and let the lyrics speak for themselves.

“Cutting this song for the album has always been a no-brainer for me,” said Aldean in a press release. “I wanted keep the video simple and really let the heartbreak and loneliness come through.”

Asking Lambert to sing on a track for his new album was a no-brainer for Aldean, too, though choosing the song was a little more difficult.

“I had a song in mind and I sent it to her. She was just kinda iffy on the song that I sent, and I was like, ‘Hey, if you don’t like it, it’s cool. I want you to love whatever we do.’ So, I had another song that I had in mind. I said, ‘Actually, you know, I’ve got this other thing that I’ll send you and see if you like that better.’ And so I sent he ‘Drowns the Whiskey’ and she loved that song,” Aldean previously told NASH Prep.

The collaboration resulted in “Drowns the Whiskey,” Aldean’s second single from Rearview Town.