Brittany and Jason Aldean Win at Halloween with ‘Tiger King’ Costumes

Okay, but Navy as Carole Baskin is ADORABLE!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Brittany and Jason Aldean Win at Halloween with ‘Tiger King’ Costumes
Jason Aldean; Photo via Instagram

Joe Exotic, is that you? Nope, that’s just Jason Aldean in an incredibly realistic Halloween costume. The country superstar and his wife Brittany channeled the Tiger King star and his husband for a music video to Exotic’s ballad “I Saw A Tiger.”

In the clip, the two act out the lyrics, which include “Tell all the hunters to lay down their guns / Tell ‘em that the tiger needs a little bit of love / Let ‘em run the jungle, let ‘em roam their land / Then stand back and marvel, what a beautiful cat.”

The couple’s two children even got in on the action, with Memphis dressed as a white tiger and Navy as Exotic’s nemesis and Florida Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin.

“2020, what a crazy year,” says Aldean in his best Exotic impression. “Everybody wants to blame Donald Trump for the coronavirus. Can’t go to a country music show. Can’t go see Luke Bryan. Sports… been all messed up. Atlanta Braves lost to the Dodgers. Didn’t go to the World Series. There’s one person I blame for everything in 2020… Carole Baskin!”

Exotic, who is currently serving a sentence in jail for plotting a murder-for-hire on Baskin, rose to fame earlier this year when the Netflix documentary Tiger King aired. The series highlighted in interconnected world of big cat “conservationists” and the scandalous secrets they hide. According to Nielsen ratings, Tiger King was viewed more then 45 million times in the first ten days of its release.