Jason Michael Carroll ‘Checking Out For a Bit’ Following Car Accident

Carroll also let fans know that his family dog wasn't feeling well and documented the many trips to the vet to figure out the pet's diagnosis.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Jason Michael Carroll ‘Checking Out For a Bit’ Following Car Accident
Jason Michael Carroll; Photo via Instagram

It was a rough go-about for Jason Michael Carroll after the country star faced a number of hardships in the past week, including a horrific car crash.

After taking his kids to school during their normal routine, he and another woman had a brief mishap on the road when Carroll admits she pulled out in front of him and caused him to smash his vehicle into hers. Although everyone was physically alright after the wreck, the singer felt emotionally drained after adding that problem to a list of others he’s been dealing with recently.

“Well this week has sucked. Could always be worse I reckon. Glad I had already dropped my kids off at school this morning before this lady pulled out in front of me. I was driving my father in laws #Volvo and was slowing down to make a turn at the next road. If this doesn’t make you think twice about the safety of the car you’re driving, it should. Between this, financial worries, our poor dog and everything else, I’m really tired of this week. Sorry for the heavy post but I have always been open with y’all. I have a headache. I’m resting now. #CheckingOutForABit,” Carroll wrote in the devastating Instagram post.

Another horrible problem Carroll and his family dealt with in the past few days was trying to figure out their dog’s illness. After countless trips to the vet and asking about their pet’s health, the artist reached out on social media yet again for strength and guidance during such a trying time.

“Y’all say a prayer for #Blocker tonight. We have a sick boy. Not sure what’s goin on. Taking him to the vet in the morning. #PoorBoy#HesStillWaggingHisTail #HesAGoodDog,” Carroll wrote in another post.

Carroll continues to relax following his crazy week, which fans can follow him through his progression on his Instagram account.