Jennifer Nettles First Connected to Music in Church

Nettles remembers falling in love with music and stories through her time spent at church as a little girl with her family.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Jennifer Nettles First Connected to Music in Church
Photo courtesy Big Machine Records

Many musicians and artists know some of the first moments they fell in love with music and when they decided that was what they wanted to do when they grew up. Jennifer Nettles has her own personal memories of music and they happen to be tied to her Sundays growing up at church.

With an incredibly soulful voice, Nettles captures audiences with her unique vocal stylings that reflect her passion toward her craft. As someone who first connected to the motion of music within the pews of a church, it’s no wonder that the country singer developed her strong tone thanks to choir harmonies.

“The first place that music and story blended was in church for me,” she explained recently. “One, it was the first place that I heard live music. I mean there was always music in my house.  My mom had the radio on a ton, and she was a young mom, and so Top 40 radio was on there a lot. And then my grandparents – they were big into country radio. So country radio was on a lot there. But in terms of being moved in a certain way and feeling how music speaks together with story, that was in church for me. The first time, it was the first place I heard live music, people singing other than my family. And it was the first place that I had a context and a reference for watching people sing something about which they felt convicted. And I think that, for me, became really the litmus, to the extent that if I don’t believe it, if I don’t believe in what I’m singing, it’s not going to come off as authentic to a listener, because it’s not authentic to me.”

That truthful momentum that Nettles thrives off of for her music to come across as real as she can be can be heard throughout the catalogue of her career. The story and emotion mold together in her latest single, “Hey Heartbreak,” which she is starting to promote at this moment.