Step Into Jennyville With Jenny Tolman’s Music Video For ‘There Goes The Neighborhood’

This video has a hilarious twist!

Step Into Jennyville With Jenny Tolman’s Music Video For ‘There Goes The Neighborhood’
Jenny Tolman; Photo credit: Ford Fairchild

Jenny Tolman is giving fans a glimpse into the imaginary world of Jennyville in the colorful music video for “There Goes The Neighborhood,” premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today, Oct. 7. Directed by Christina Cooper, the video finds the characters from the song, a group of overly-enthusiastic women, trying to win the heart of a good-looking, potential suitor who just moved to town.

“All the girls in the video are my personal friends,” Tolman says of the video. “Two of them are from my middle school days, so they’re old friends for sure, and then one of them is a newer friend, but they all just did amazing. They weren’t given a character sheet at all. They all just adapted their own identity with this character, they were all different, and they killed it. It was the most fun day of work in my life. We had the best time.”

Tolman herself stars as the editor-in-chief of Jennyville’s newspaper, the Jennyville Junction, and is busy observing and reporting all the goings-on as each of the women try to make the new neighbor fall for them.

“It actually makes a lot more sense to me with the video and who I play as an artist as well, because I am a narrator and the storyteller,” Tolman says. “I am the editor-in-chief of Jennyville. It just all came together so perfectly and everybody that was in it was so talented, it blew my mind. We could not stop laughing all day.”

After the women spend the whole video trying to win their hunky neighbor’s heart with big hair and baked goods, it’s revealed that he actually “swings the other way,” which is sure to make front page news in the Jennyville Junction.

“At the end of this song, obviously, it’s a funny moment when he turns out to be gay, but not because he’s gay,” Tolman says. “It’s more on the women. It’s funny how crazy we can make ourselves over a man, and how we can turn our back on our friends and do all this crazy stuff. We’ve been able to have a lot of fun with that and the acceptance of it. It’s a very different story than you hear in country music.”

While this video gives fans a closer look into Jennyville, those who have listened to Tolman’s There Goes The Neighborhood album are already familiar with the fantasy town. The whole album is set in the town, which was conceptualized by Tolman and her producer, Dave Brainard. Album listeners will find a host of characters like those found in “There GoesThe Neighborhood,” and Tolman even added Jennyville commercials to the album.

“If you listen to the album front to back, we have a couple of different commercials in there and they all advertise different things in Jennyville,” Tolman says. “There’s a forecast in Jennyville, and all these things. You’ll hear different characters and different foreshadows early on in the record that will then come back later in the end, so it’s a really fun listening experience front to back.”

Fans can now purchase the vinyl version of There Goes The Neighborhood, which was released on Sept. 27.