Jerrod Niemann Is “Thankful For Every Moment”

Jerrod Niemann Is “Thankful For Every Moment”

Jerrod Niemann burst onto the country music scene with the infectious hit “Lover, Lover” last year and since then, he's scored a No. 1 song and album, his very first CMA nomination, and an opening slot on tour with superstars such as Brad Paisley and Gary Allan. His latest single, “What Do You Want,” is also climbing the charts and is about to crack the top ten. It's safe to say the past year has been a whirlwind for the rising star.

“It's so bizarre how everything happens so quickly and you don't have time to even stop and turn around and be like, 'wow, that's so amazing,'” Niemann tells CountryMusicIsLove. “Although you're very aware of it and you are thankful for every moment that you get, things happen in such a quick manner that you've got to be looking ahead or you're just gonna lose your ground and forget that the world's ahead of you.”

“It's nice when you do get a few days off to just close your eyes and think about all those things,” he says. “You can really get pretty worked up when you think about it. You're a child dreaming about that so for long and then it happens. It's surreal. “

With all of his recent success with his career, Jerrod is especially excited to share it with good friends Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser. Speaking of Johnson, Jerrod says that Jamey’s heart is as big as they come. “He knows also that we're all stronger together. You look at the Highway Men and some of the guys that influenced all of us throughout the town, everybody's stronger as a team and you can accomplish a lot more. I like that Jamey didn't forget about his friends and Randy didn't.”

As their careers continue to grow, Jerrod says they’re all working toward one goal. “I'm hoping that I can contribute to what they're doing as well and continue to make great music and at the end of the day, hopefully make country music just as strong or stronger and bring people in and just try to give country music what it deserves and that's just great music.”

Speaking of his buddies, Niemann is gearing up to hit the road on a co-headlining tour with Lee Brice. So what can fans expect from the upcoming Higher Education Tour?

“Here's the ironic part about the whole thing… It's me and Lee and it is called 'Higher Education.' So of course people are expecting a bunch of drunk people and people falling off the roof of the building. That's that's possible, I'm not going to discount that [he laughs]. But I will say that we intend on putting together the best show that we're capable of.”

Niemann tells us that in addition to doing their own set on the tour, he and Lee have plans to collaborate on stage and that they might even play some “songs that people haven't heard yet.” As for who goes first on the tour, Niemann says they have a plan.

“We've got some tricks up our sleeves to pull that off. We're gonna try to make every night unique. One of the things we're probably gonna do is a coin toss. We're gonna let someone from the audience flip a coin to decide who goes first.”

The Higher Education Tour kicks off March 10 and runs through April 28. Click HERE to see if the tour is coming to a city near you.