Jerrod Niemann Prepares for Pranks on Brad Paisley Tour

Jerrod Niemann Prepares for Pranks on Brad Paisley Tour

Being out on the road as part of Brad Paisley’s “H2O II World Tour,” Jerrod Niemann is well aware of Brad’s reputation as a prankster. Although Jerrod may very well become Brad’s next pranking victim, he’s doing his best to avoid it! In an effort to throw Brad off his game, and keep his fans entertained at the same time, Jerrod has been changing up his show every single night of the tour.

“Really, the main reason I change my set list every night is just in case Brad decides to prank me, and he says, ‘Hey, after this song, this is when we’re gonna go out.’ There’s no telling if I’ll even play that song. So, it’s sort of a defense mechanism,” Jerrod jokingly explained.

On a more serious note, Jerrod changes up his show to give fans a unique experience every night.

“Part of it’s just to keep it fresh and keep me on my toes, and if people come and happen to see us somewhere else they won’t say, ‘Oh, that’s the same show every time,’” he says.

Jerrod’s new hit, “One More Drinkin’ Song,” is at country radio now and you can catch him out on the road with Brad – perhaps being pranked! – throughout the rest of the summer. Jerrod also has numerous live dates performing at fairs throughout the next couple of months. You can stay up to date with his tour schedule by visiting his website.