Jessie James Decker’s Younger Brother Survives Rollover Car Accident

Jessie James Decker's little brother has a lot to be thankful for after he walked away fine following a horrific car accident recently.

Jessie James Decker’s Younger Brother Survives Rollover Car Accident
Jessie James Decker; Photo courtesy Epic Records

Jessie James Decker and her family are thanking their lucky stars after hearing about the horrific rollover accident that her younger brother got into just days ago.

John James, Decker’s sibling, was casually driving around Nashville following a UV sauna session when he suddenly fell into somewhat of a seizure state. Losing control of the vehicle completely, it caused the car to roll and destroy almost every part of the vehicle. John gratefully came out of the crash alive, with not much damage done to his own body besides the random health occurrence.

“The only way I can describe it is that I was screaming in my own head but couldn’t control my body,” John said to E! News. “I remember thinking there was nothing I could do.”

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Even John admitted to the outlet that he doesn’t remember much of the moment at all, but feels so happy to walk out without any life-threatening issues whatsoever.

“I was conscious, but it was the smallest amount of consciousness I can describe,” he said. “I had no idea what was happening. One minute I felt super healthy and on top of the world and the next my car was totaled.”

Family has been coming first to Decker for the past few months, as she not only will support her brother after this traumatizing experience but also continuing to take care of her precious newborn son, who came into the world in early April.